7 Reasons You Should Buy An Aluminum Mailbox


Choosing the perfect mailbox for your new home may be a bit tasking for you. Of course, you want a mailbox that will keep your parcel secure and intact. Also, you want one that will not wear out because of the rain or the sun. An aluminum mailbox is the best option you can get. Why should you buy an aluminum box over stainless teel?

1. It Is A Secure Mailbox

The first thing you should consider when choosing a mailbox is the security of your parcel. An aluminum parcel box is a completely secure box for your package. As its name connotes, it is made of aluminum. This means it protects your parcel from natural elements like rain, sun, and snow. Also, it protects your packages from prying eyes. It prevents inquisitive neighbors from seeing what exactly the delivery person brought you. This way, you are in full control of your delivered packages. If you want extra assurance, you can order a locking box instead. This will guarantee that no one is snooping around or even stealing your mail/parcel when you’re not home.
In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about the mailbox getting worn out. Aluminum does not crack or get rusty whether it rains, shines, or gets exposed to saltwater. This is one of the reasons manufacturers use aluminum for airplanes. Thus, its maintenance is low, thereby saving you some cash.

2. It Is Easy To Use

One of the problems delivery people encounter are parcel boxes that are difficult to use. This technology era has brought so many complicated designs that take extra minutes for delivery people to figure out how to operate them. Some, out of frustration, drop the parcel on the ground by the mailbox and leave. This, as you know, leaves your parcel vulnerable to thieves and prying eyes. An aluminum dropbox  system is easy to use, allowing delivery people to complete their delivery.

3. An Aluminium Mailbox Is Lightweigh

  • Aluminum is light in weight, and this does not exempt your aluminum boxes. They’re lighter than stainless steel and even wood. This means that you can easily move them.
  • The lightweight aluminum boxes present some advantages. First of all, they can support the post on which they’re mounted on. This means that they won’t tilt easily but maintain their balance for a long time. Secondly, the lightweight makes it inexpensive to order and deliver if you’re buying on the Internet. As you know, most delivery companies charge for deliveries by the weight of the packages. An aluminum mailbox lightweight saves you extra cash that you may have spent if you were ordering something heavier. Lastly, the lightweight makes it easier for you to set up. You don’t have to look for someone with six-packs to help you mount your aluminum mailbox on its post. You can easily do it by yourself.

4. It Is Strong

Indeed, an aluminum mailbox is lightweight. However, this does not mean it is weak. On the contrary, an aluminum mailbox is exceptionally strong and does not break easily. As earlier stated, it can survive for a long time despite being hit by natural elements. This is because its manufacturers use high-quality materials to produce it. Also, its compact and sturdy construction offers you many mounting options.

5. An Aluminium Mailbox Is Customizable

Your box is one of the first things people notice when they arrive at your house. An aluminum mail or parcel box is beautiful in itself and pleasing to the eye. However, you can customize your aluminum mailbox to suit your taste. When customizing, go for a box with 24X13X6 inches dimension. This one allows you to customize freely. Buyers can opt for any color, include their house numbers, add a bit of graphics, and whatever else you chose to include. This way, you leave your personal touch on your aluminum box. You can ask us to customize it for you, or you can do it yourself.

6. An Aluminium Mailbox Is Easy To Clean

It is one thing to have a great item for your house; it’s another matter when it comes to cleaning. As this article has previously emphasized, an aluminum mailbox does not get rusty. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about cleaning with a damp cloth or not. Why, if your mailbox gathers too much dust or dirt, you can just give it a full wash using soap and water. After this, allow it to air dry, and it will be sparkling clean in the next hour. In addition to this, if the color starts to fade, you can add a fresh new wrapping to it.

7. Aluminum Mailbox or Stainless Steels

If you’re still wondering why you should get an aluminum mailbox instead of a stainless steel one, it’s because of the differences. When it comes to weight, a stainless steel mailbox weighs twice what an aluminum mailbox weighs. If you shop for a stainless steel mailbox online, you may pay double the delivery fees that you’d pay for an aluminum one. For a stainless steel mailbox, you can always pick them up locally at our shop to save money on shipping.

There is no doubt that an aluminum mailbox is the best option for mailboxes out there. So, click on the one you like to purchase one already.

Aluminum Mailbox

From: $287.59

The Aluminum MAIL box is a completely secure PARCEL BOX ready to receive one parcels on the same day.

Aluminum box  24X13X6 inches dimension
Suitable for packages small range parcel

Mail box (basic model)

Aluminum Mailbox (customizable)

From: $287.59

The  customizable Aluminum MAIL box is a completely secure PARCEL BOX ready to receive one parcels on the same day.

Aluminum box  24X13X6 inches dimension
Suitable for packages small range parcel

Mail box (basic model with choices of color and address)

Select options Build your own

Black Aluminum Mailbox

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The Black Aluminum MAIL box is a completely secure PARCEL BOX ready to receive one parcels on the same day.

Aluminum box  24X13X6 inches dimension with Black wrapping
Suitable for packages small range parcel

Mailbox (basic model with black wrapping)